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Jobs in the News Media[]

Despite our society’s consistently high demand for information, news media paid positions have become seemingly difficult to land. There are a variety of reasons for this, the most obvious being the introduction of the internet, and secondly our current recession. According to Bloomberg Businessweek , newspapers in the US have cut 200,000 jobs since 1990, with the most steady decline beginning in 2000. Positions related to cable and subscription programming, however, have in increased by approximately 30,000 jobs since 1990.

A study done by the National Organization for Women showed that men tend to hold more jobs on network TV and cable news. According to this site, they also make 29% more than white women and 46% more than minority women.

Jobs seem to be growing in online media, announced blogs, social networking, and online advertising. U.S. Newsweek recently announced that it will discontinue its print editions (except for special editions) and transition to an entirely online magazine, paid subscription required. They believe that this will be an improvement for the magazine which will allow them to maintain the same number of readers, but in a more convenient manner. This could bring about new positions which would help invent creative ways of online advertising and applications for Android and Apple devices.

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