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Karen Bokram is the publisher and the founding editor of Girls' Life magazine. The magazine is aimed toward an audience of girls 10-15 years old and has a main office in Baltimore, Maryland. Bokram has been the former senior editor of Mother Earth News and has previously worked for Psychology Today.

Before founding Girls' Life at 23 years old, she worked at Seventeen magazine. A company named Monarch took over GL for four years and then Bokram bought the magazine back 11 years later.

Karen's personal interests--anything from hobbies to men to astrological signs--can be found on girlslife.com under her profile, along with other members listed on the masthead of GL.

However, even though this website answers plenty of personal questions, there are still questions that remain unanswered about her work in the magazine, like:

-What is a normal day for you in the office of GL?

-Is there any routine you use for motivation? Music, coffee, etc.?

-The worst part of your day?

-How do you cope with deadlines?

-Your favorite section of GL?

-What made you want to start GL?

-Where did you get your advice from when you were your readers' age?

-Were you always interested in journalism?

-Do you feel like you have competition with Seventeen, American Girl, or teen celebrity magazines? How do you compete with them?

-If I wanted to work for GL, would it be helpful to take women's psychology classes or classes similar to the topic?

-Where do you get information for your magazine? How do you know it will please your audience?

-As an editor, what up-and-coming editors do you notice? What sets them apart from the other writers?


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