Fall 2010 Intro J Wiki

The Pentagon Papers are a national security concern. During the Vietnam War, the press was allowed to do anything they wanted, but when the Pentagon Papers were out, the government tried to put an end to publicizing the information to the supreme newspapers. The two biggest publishers were


banned from publishing anything about the war to the papers. Those papers were the New York Times and the Washington Post. There were 4,100 papers. The papers acknowledged that the US was spreading the war.

In the Pentagon case, the Supreme Court were extremely opposed to the barrier of the media. The Court decided that they are allowed to publish their stories. But, if they do break any law after the fact that they have wrote, then they could be summoned to the court.

The media has been very spectacle about writing about the government. Three large media outlet newspapers wrote about the Bush Administration about banking. The government took it as they were trying to display terrorists , but it was actually helping everyone reading, because they were told everything that was happening.

What this means with journalism is that journalism is so powerful and it even gets heated with the government. I think that the main goal with the Pentagon Papers with Journalism is that even one little thing gets out with the media it can be so corrupt. Even though newspapers get banned from writing things, they always have the first amendment to lean back on. (which helps out a lot!!!) It matters because it shows how important journalists are because they get all of the information out that we need to know to be safe and it is for national security, so we are safe and not worrying.